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full stack application and website and integration development and design 
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Azure Blob File Upload

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Setting Up Ruby on Rails and Understanding MVC

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Ajax Call CORS enabled


Application development

Delivering custom applications doesn’t only take a good framework or latest coding trend to make it a robust, secure, and scalable  solution. Delivering an application takes listening to the needs of the user or customer to give them easy-to-use tools to get the task done.

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customized wordpress solutions

WordPress is the leading content management software. With all the improved features and extensive plugin landscape, WordPress proves to be a flexible platform. However, there are times when the customization doesn’t go far enough. Luckily, WordPress’ template system finds the solution to the problem.

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e-Commerce integration

There are dozens of options to chose from when integrating your website to a payment gateway. PayPal, or setting up the cumbersome Merchant account are all available. To find help integrating your shopping cart or donation buttons seamlessly and not leave the website.


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Make a beautiful website make it useful

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on WordPress. Quick and reliable application development can happen. Relying on the technology is one step. Another it to understand the problem and plan the solution. To schedule a free consultation.